When he’s 64…

Paul McCartney turned 64 today can you believe it I can hardly believe it, because then that makes me–ah never mind, eh? That makes me too old to sleep with a teddy bear, for one thing, but I do. I’m not as old as the ex-Beatle but old enough to remember seeing the Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.




The weird thing is, I’m both younger and older than the ex-Beatle– there are many parts living inside of me because I have DID (or Dissociative Identity Disorder–say that 5 times fast as you can!), what used to be known as Multiple Personality Disorder.


There are perfectly good websites and blogs already running which go into much better detail than I could, explaining the ins and outs (no pun intended) of DID. My intention here is not to define it in a clinical or Webster’s Dictionary sense, but rather to give a daily (ok, at least a somewhat regular) account of living with this disorder. Though some of my parts would beg to differ with anyone calling it the “d” word. They have made it possible for me to survive, so where’s the disorder in that? They have a point.


One thought on “When he’s 64…

  1. Dissociative Identity Survival. DIS. but then when you see the word dis it’s something that is said on the street. don’t diss me. who you dissin? so see we have a problem there too.
    the truth is, when we were kids the new identities helped us survive but since there is no longer any warfare these soldiers have to adjust to civilian life. that is hard to do for the most inexperienced of soldiers. for those who have been around a long time and who know how to survive in disorder now have to somehow make sense of this so called order. we use old coping skills to respond to new situations. that is where the disorder comes in.

    your insiders are right though, there is nothing disorderly about DID or the creation of it. The disorder comes in when trying to cope today with yesterday’s coping skills. the problem is adjusting to civilian life after years on a battle field.

    we wish you peace of mind,

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