E-gads, but it’s busy in here

Tv jingleYesterday was just crazy, in a DID sort of way. While responding to a friend’s e-mail (in which I shared with him the fact of my so-called disorder), a friend called to talk to me about my decision to begin spilling the beans. We talked for at least an hour, all the while my head spinning and people I live with knocking on my door, and me trying feverishly to hide my blog to anyone poking their head in my room. Good thing I have all my parts to help me juggle all the stuff I wouldn’t have to juggle if they didn’t exist. Huh, that’s an interesting concept, but no time to ponder it–I’m still struggling to upload Jenny’s artwork and writings to this blog, and not liking the end result much.

I don’t have to leave my house today, which is good. Don’t even have to leave my room, which is better yet. But I will, if only to go out and interact with my granddaughter and others. If I spend too much time in my personal space, it feels weird when I rejoin everyone. (I almost said, if I spend too much time alone…alone! What would that be like? Ooh, boring, I bet.)


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