I Did It!

I’m not even fully awake yet but had to get on my computer first thing this morning to share last night’s victory: I finally got up the courage to tell my cousin that I’m a multiple. I’ve wanted to do this since he’s been staying with us for the last couple of months, but every time I thought I could do it, I chickened out.

There are some victories which never make front page news, and this is one of them. But for those of you reading this who are multiple, you know that some steps which seem to be baby steps really aren’t. In reality they’re great big giant leaps, and you never have the assurance that you’ll land on solid ground. But sometimes you just have go for it, and if you fall flat on your face–or worse, meet with rejection–well, it can’t be worse than trying to keep your secret from everyone.

My cousin took in what I told him with interest and I’m relieved he didn’t treat it like a joke. But then he went into a long narrative about a dream that’s haunted him for decades, and I’m not real sure where he was going with that.

Time will tell if I live to regret spilling the beans to him. For now, I’m glad I did.

2 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. Congratulations on telling your cousin about DID. I’m glad he was understanding. One GIANT step, great victory! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. I like the way you said that rejection is worse than keeping the secret forever. that is very true. you are also right about some victories never seeing front page news. as a matter of fact the majority of front page news is horror and crime. i think they need a whole new good news section of the newspaper. Anyway though, congrats! I hope things continue to progress with coming out. If you decide to withold realize that it is not a perminent stand still. It’s a break to rebuild yourself so that when you do take a step you can pick yourself up in case of a fall. Calculate your steps know what you are capable of from day to day and only expect that of yourself and nothing more. And when you decide to tell someone about the DID make sure you have the support you’ll need for good times and for bad. Most of all, believe in yourself the way you believe in others.

    we wish you peace of mind and more steps.

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