Coming soon to a PC near you!




  • Letters I wrote to one of my youngest parts (before I knew I actually had parts.) That doesn’t sound as if it makes sense, I know! Now, let’s see–where did I stash them anyway?

  • Part 2 of Unmapped Miles? I wrote that as a question because a) I’m wondering if any of my readers want a Part 2, or should I just leave ‘as is,’ and b) am I capable of writing a Part 2? I don’t have the foggiest…

  • A poem tentatively entitled Multiplicity, if I can ever finish it.
  • Uhmm, possibly excerpts from the memoir I’m trying to write…I’m calling it (what else?) Beautiful Dreamer. There’s some history behind that name; you’ll have to check back often to find out what it is, just in case I get around to posting what I wrote about it (and like the letters I wrote to a part, can’t seem to find…maybe one of my parts is working on it and has secreted it away somewhere I wouldn’t think to look. (sigh) Sometimes living with DID takes some good old fashioned detective work!)

2 thoughts on “Coming soon to a PC near you!

  1. I would be interested in reading a part two if do write it… 🙂

    It sounds as if you have many interesting things coming our way. I can hardly wait.

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