You might be a multiple if…

  • You find yourself getting into the wrong car in a parking lot.
  • You mistakenly wander into the men’s room in a public building, and when you see a couple of men coming out of the stalls, wonder smugly if they’ve been smacked up the side of the head with a stupid stick.
  • You have no sense of direction.
  • Because you have no sense of direction, you wind up returning to the same garage sale you just visited, and wonder as you browse why everything seems vaguely familiar.
  • Sometimes you feel like a kid, sometimes you don’t.
  • You find yourself envying your kids’ (or grandkids’) birthday presents.
  • Sometimes you’re dyslexic, sometimes you’re not.
  • Having served coffee to your company, when you go back to get the pot for a refill you can’t find it anywhere, and the theme from “The Twilight Zone” starts playing in your head. Finally, after frantically searching for it while laughing uncontrollably, you discover it sitting in your cupboard amongst the coffee cups.
  • You wonder if maybe you’re in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.
  • People get a contact high off of you even though you don’t smoke pot.
  • Your family teases you for having toys in your room.
  • You click on something on your tool bar and are startled to read this option in the drop down list: “switch identity.”
  • You have a sudden urge to blow the paper off your straw at other diners in a restaurant…



4 thoughts on “You might be a multiple if…

  1. May I add something???
    You might be a multiple if: you find yourself buying school supplies for your kids when out of the blue, you hear a sweet voice inside your head asking politely if you would buy her some crayons too.

    You might be a multiple if: you can argue with someone, but no one else is around.

    You might be a multiple if: you were doing laundry and you remembered you still have clothes to fold. However, you can’t find those clothes, until you look in the closet… and whoop there they are, already hung up, nice and neat!!!

    Cool, this is fun

  2. I like your additions to the “You might be a multiple if” list. Anyone else want to contribute? DID affects us all differently, since we’re all unique. I find it intriguing to discover how others are affected by it.

  3. I’m not a multiple but my partner is one….so here goes.

    You might be a multiple if you suddenly find yourself in a conversation with someone and you have no idea what’s just been said and someone inside says, “Think fast wabbit!” This happens to my partner all of the time. I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

    Thinking of you today beautiful dreamer

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