Redheaded Step-child

A few posts back I mentioned needing a place for me to write, separate from my “insiders” writings. This morning at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep, I got the bright idea of starting my own blog, and the result is Redheaded Step-child. I’ve decided that the focus of this blog would be my writing life, and how it’s been affected by my childhood abuse. I’ve been working on it feverishly all morning, so it should be good to go later today.


In the meantime, check out my listing on the Child Abuse Blog Carnival under the heading of Aftermath. (They published my open letter entitled, Unmapped Miles.) This is a great place to visit for poetry, blogs, and articles by survivors of child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, as well as writings by multiples like myself…uhm, selves.


That about does it for now–time to get back to my writing blog so I can share it with you as soon as possible!


(time to stop monkeying around…)

One thought on “Redheaded Step-child

  1. Hey, thanks for the link to the Blog Carnival. I’m so glad you’re participating with us. You may want to think about hosting and edition some day. It’s going to keep growing and growing and it’s very exciting to be part of it!

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