MPD Humor from Frasier:

  • Oh, I had the same trouble with some of my MPD patients; one would always claim that the other one sent the check.–Frasier Crane–

  • Oh I’m sorry. I meant to, but I had a crisis with a patient. One of my multiples had a new personality emerge—a 110 year old Frenchwoman. It would have been too risky to put off his therapy. Plus I would have missed out on a wonderful recipe for bouillabaisse.–Niles explaining why he didn’t listen to Frasier’s radio show–

  • Well this has been fun, but I really must run. I’m conducting a seminar for Multiple Personalites, and it takes me forever to fill out the name tags.–Niles Crane–

  • Niles:    I’ve got to go. I have a session with my MPD patient.
    Fraiser: I hope I didn’t keep you too long.
    Niles:    It’s all right. If I’m late, he can talk amongst himselves.


2 thoughts on “MPD Humor from Frasier:

  1. 🙂 hehe
    I use to watch Frazier. I really enjoyed that show.

    By the way, you are now offically linked and introduced on my blog. Welcome to the “blog roll”! 😉

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