Rear Window

Does anyone remember the old Hitchcock movie, “Rear Window,” with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly? It’s the one where Stewart, a photo-journalist, is laid up with a broken leg and, out of boredom, begins spying on all his neighbors. His window overlooks a courtyard and, with the help of a zoom lens, he watches their daily comings and goings–he’s a regular nosy parker if ever there was one! He ends up suspecting an odd looking neighbor (played by Raymond Burr, of Perry Mason fame) of murdering his wife. Ooh, I love a good suspense. I guess it’s not a suspense, though, if you’ve seen it 50 times, but that never seems to diminish my enjoyment one fraction.

This is one of my all time favorite Hitchcock movies, so having vowed to take to my bed yesterday, I was enthused to discover it on cable. Didn’t drink the tea I’d planned on, though, but I did try a cup of instant chicken noodle soup, which must have been low sodium or something. It was definitely low taste. Someone gifted me with a 5# bag of gummy bears (what good timing), so Mr. Tedders and I cuddled up together and chomped away (ok, being a softie, he doesn’t have teeth, so technically I did all the chomping.)

After the movie, I read some in the mystery novel I’m trying to get through, “Find Me a Villain”, by Margaret Yorke. I’ve read it about 3 times so far, and always manage to forget just enough of it so that there are little suprises along the way. My soul positively ached to read some Dickens, but I knew no one was up for that. Whenever I’m under the weather my eyes get weak, so I’ll put Dickens on hold until another time. He’s best for cold winter nights, anyway, tucked in under an electric blanket. Characters in English novels tend to eat a lot of toast, and so do I when reading the imitable Dickens.

After the movie, gummy bears and novel, my restlessness got the best of me. I couldn’t stay in bed another moment. Wandering around, wondering how to fill the rest of the day, I eventually plopped down at the computer again, and fiddled with Beautiful Dreamer. Sometimes I get tired of the template I’m using, so I tried out several more, none of them really what I had in mind. I decided to go with this current green theme, even though green is not my favorite color. Anyone have any opinions on this? I like the smaller font, and there are some other little things I can’t do with the old template. But the color still bugs me. Does it bug anyone else?

At some point in the evening, my 3 yr. old granddaughter wandered into my room, crawled up onto my bed, snuggled under the blanket and said, “Nana, I love your pretty room!” Just a few days ago she was lolligagging on my bed, admiring the pink walls. “I want pink walls too, Nana. Tell Mama to paint my room pink. It’s so pretty!” So last night she gets all comfy, looks all around, and says in her 3 yr. old going on 30 voice, “Why did you paint your room, pink, Nana? I don’t like pink!”

I was in the middle of trying to choose between one of two mediocre templates for this blog, and murmured something in response. Next thing I knew, she was grabbing a tablet and pen from my desk, drawing squiggly lines all over one page. As she drew each line she read her “letter” out loud to me. “Nana is my sweetie pie. She hugs and kisses me. I love her very much.” Well, this was rather distracting in a wonderful way, so I lost my train of thought as I marvelled (for the upteenth time) at the good fortune of having such a loving child in my life.

The rest of the evening: uneventful at best. Everyone here seemed a bit cranky, and it felt like a long time till bedtime. This morning I was informed first thing that there’d been an earthquake around 3 am and I, normally the lightest sleeper in the house, slept through the excitement.

Then it was off to have my ultra-sound. Nothing of interest there to write about, as I won’t know the result for several days. The pain in my side is getting worse, and my abdomen is so swollen I look to be about 7 months pregnant. Lovely. A pregnant nana, how attractive is that?

Well, I’m a bit sore and achy from the ultra-sound, so something tells me I’ll be climbing back into bed before long for a little rest. Maybe I’ll even catch “Rear Window” again and fall asleep to the murmur of Grace Kelly’s perfect diction. Mmmm, I’m getting drowsy just thinking about it. How relaxing to drowse off to an old, comfortable movie.








2 thoughts on “Rear Window

  1. I’ve never seen the movie. When I’ve seen a movie a hundred times and still find myself surprised or laugh like it’s the first time I’ve seen it then that usually means it is the first time I’ve seen it…someone inside may have seen it but this might be my first time.

    I could just see her writing the letter. that is too cute.

    I said a few min ago I was going back to the love seat but I had to stop and say howdy.

    talk to you soon,

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