To My Grandson, at 5

You’ve outrun me on Spiderman sneakered feet,
left me behind along with our days’ routine
of Blues Clues
chicken nuggets
and countless games of Toejam and Earl.

We spent 8 hour days together
in a world of our own making:
the blond curly haired grandson
and the nana with grey hair and car
who never quite grew up.

You couldn’t have known how refreshing
and healing for me were the days,
piled up luxuriously before us like warm, folded laundry,
spent in your innocent company.

Your eyes, as blue as my favorite vintage marbles
held mine so trustingly, twinkled like merry stars
at our private jokes.

You’ve outrun me (your need of me in that all encompassing way)
as you were meant to do and suddenly,
perched in my 4 poster reading mediocre poetry,
I am keenly missing you.


(written 10/27/04)

One thought on “To My Grandson, at 5

  1. I hope that you have a printed off version of this because some day you should give it to him. This is a wonderful poem.


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