Things that pleased me this week:

Finding a bunch of my fiction that I’ve been searching for these past 6 months . . . seeing Josh Blue win on The Last Comic Standing (way to go, Josh!) . . . receiving a letter from my dr.’s office informing me that my gall bladder is fine (I’ll blab the rest of it later) . . . coming across the $20 I misplaced 2 weeks ago . . . finishing a companion softie to my Mr. Tedders . . . overhearing my little granddaughter say (after seeing part of a womens’ body builder show), “Hey, that girl turned into a dude!” . . . and making corned beef pie for a son who was away from the family for 8 years.

One thought on “Things that pleased me this week:

  1. I’ve spent a better part of my morning on your site and I followed a bunch of links to others’ sites. What a wonderful amount of GOOD information there is on DID now from when I first was on the hunt….that was before GOOGLE! Imagine!
    In the mid-nineties, my now former husband was diagnosed with DID and we spent the next many years on a long, difficult but fruitful healing journey. Just a few months ago, he fully integrated from having hundreds of parts (as many as 50 just months before integration) to just being a mono-brain. He worked VERY hard on his healing and never stopped. The full integration was a surprise to him. He hadn’t really desired that nor made it a goal, but God took him there anyway. He’s not done healing yet and is still learning to live as a mono-brain, which is a challenge at age 42! (BTW,we divorced after he was healthy, not when he wasn’t. Just too much caretaker vs. patient in our relationship to make a marriage work.)
    I want to encourage all of you who are working hard on your own healing journey, to stay the course! There is hope! You’ve already come a LONG way! You should be VERY proud of what you’ve accomplished already. You’ve ACCEPTED truth, no matter how ugly. You’ve FACED truth, now matter how ugly. You’re changing the affect of that truth on your life and that will change the lives of all those you touch. Because of your integrity, you’re changing lives!
    I’ve been blessed to know Beautiful Dreamer for a number of years now, and it’s been a blessing to me to be able to share what I’ve learned of DID and the path of healing by walking with my kids’ dad. I wouldn’t trade any of it for what it taught me about pain and persistence. I pray that you all have someone in your life with skin on, to walk with you in your journey. Blessings! Susan

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