Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is something which afflicts me infrequently–specifically on those occasions when I have my 6 year old grandson spend the night. And he’s the one with the restless legs, not me. Last night I was awakened about every half hour: a bony knee in the small of my back, a leg draped around my neck, feet on my head. This kid really travels in his sleep! Between that and trying to keep the covers on him, it was a busy night.

When he finally awoke around 7 am to find himself sideways on the bed, legs pinning me down, he looked sleepily at me and said, “Hey, what happened?” I told him he’d been kicking and gouging me all night, and he smiled in his sweet, boyish way and said, “Oh, sorry about that, Nana. I didn’t know I was doing that!” We had a good laugh, and all was forgiven–or rather, there was nothing to forgive. . . but I’m seriously thinking that the next time he spends the night, there’ll be a nice comfy pallet waiting for him on the floor!


One thought on “Restless Leg Syndrome

  1. Sleeping with Captain is not picnic. He snores like a man and kicks like a toddler. I wont go into the assaults on my nose from things that escape from where the sun don’t shine. As you know, dogs don’t sleep with their head by your head, they’re upside down. Do you know how many times Cap has kicked me in the face? It’s pitiful. AND he takes the covers. He will take the covers and the pillow. I wake up cold and find Cap on the floor with my pillow and all the blankets. He’s just pitiful but he’s my boy so he gets to sleep with me.


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