Weekend Woes

I don’t know if there’s a full moon or what. All I know is, what a weird weekend–and it’s only half over. First a daughter-inlaw, who didn’t know she was pregnant, had a miscarriage. This neccesitated my babysitting my granddaughter while she was at the hospital all night. I ended up with 4 hours of sleep, and feel hungover today. She’s doing just fine, and I was glad to be here when needed. But when sleep deprived everything has such a surreal feel about it.

A son severely cut the tip of his finger at work, and I received news of a death in the family. No one I’m close to, but someone I’ve always been fond of. Death is always hard for me, period.

What else? Well, I finally had my mane of hair whacked off, and I’m not altogether pleased with the results. That’s not unusual in itself; my hair is so thick it’s hard to get a good haircut. But it does add significantly to the weekend’s weirdness.

It occurs to me that, as odd as everything’s been, at least none of it has been DID related. That’s a nice break. Let me bewail normal woes for a change! I guess I really need to be able to do that once in a while.


(Sometimes it rains cats and dogs . . .)

4 thoughts on “Weekend Woes

  1. some days just seem to be full of weird stuff and like you said, at least nothing did related so for a change it was “just normnal stuff”. still weird though!

    best to you always


  2. Sounds like a crazy weekend. I hope your daughter-in-law is all right and that you have recovered from babysitting. Life is funny sometimes…it just keeps throwing us curve balls…..take care….

    Nice blog…..

  3. I am so glad your daughter-inlaw is doing fine. I just can’t imagine her shock along with sadness too. I really think weekends are made to be weird. But, then again… there are Mondays.
    PS I like this template the best, it makes your own writings stand out more and the background is very soothing and pleasing on the eye.
    Peace Within

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