Stubborn babies!

I’m feeling hungover today—and no, I didn’t go on a bender last night. I went to the hospital, after having taken my sleeping pill for the night, because my daughter-in-law went into labor.


This is one stubborn baby! This is hardly the first time she’s threatened to make an early appearance. She’s not due til next month. Anyhow, my other daughter-in-law said she would navigate if I wanted to go to the hospital (it’s that old no sense of direction thing rearing its ugly head.) I went expecting some kind of drama. The whole thing was pretty low key. My son kept falling asleep and muttering about having to work in the morning. The nurse commented that it might not be labor at all, just dehydration. I tried to stay awake and to remember that it wasn’t all about me. These days at most hospitals, you have to walk like 1,000 miles to find a designated smoking area. (They sure don’t have them indoors any more.) Well, that’s what I get for taking up smoking again. The evening became a blur of trying to keep my heavy eyelids open, drinking overly sweet coffee, and walking my little legs off.


So you see, today I feel hungover. I haven’t had my coffee yet. No one else is up to make it. Need I say more? And all night (all morning?) long I kept waking up with charley-horses, which I seem to get a lot of these days when I’m overly-tired.


Yep, that’s one stubborn baby. She must not have popped out yet or there would have been a phone call. I told her clearly last night, This better be it, cause I’m not going through this again unless you deign to make your appearance during the day. Like she’s going to listen to me!


(Come out, come out, wherever you are!)

2 thoughts on “Stubborn babies!

  1. waiting for babies to make their entrances is frustrating, we agree. and yes no where close to smoke anymore!!!!! we feel for you in this matter, very much!!

    hope it happens soon and all is okay with everyone!!!


  2. In America you can burn a flag but you can’t smoke a square on 99% of the home of the free. You can get away with crazy stuff but dang don’t light up cause that’s just going too far! Most of Indy is smoke free including the bars, which I don’t attend anyway but that still irks me to no end.

    Well, the baby shows one personality trait already, a mind of her own! Hey a baby with a strong spirit is a baby worth waiting for. Oh, it must be dragging out though with the mock labor, here I come, oh, nope, think I’ll stay a I come, hang on, let me nap once more.


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