Things that pleased me this week:

My granddaughter not being born 6 weeks early . . . finishing 2 projects for Austin (for which she’d better be thankful!) . . . the rain, which is restoring our lawn from burnt brown to beautiful green . . . MeMe’s encouraging comments on my blog, and her funny e-mails . . . discovering that pot roast cooked in a crock pot melts in your mouth . . . fixing my digital camera (with a little help from masking tape) . . . and being able to stumble out of bed this morning after 4 hours of sleep, and actually make a drinkable pot of coffee (how did that happen?)




(I’m not a dog lover, but this cracks me up. I’m too tired to find a more fitting graphic.)

3 thoughts on “Things that pleased me this week:

  1. congratulations on a good pot of coffee! and masking tape is kind of a feminine version of good old boy red neck duct tape fix’ums…. ahahaha!! we have plenty of our own. dont tell, but the cheap carpet in the kitchen is pieced together in some spots with silver duct tape, to avoid using nails and having it unravel in the vacuum cleaner brush.

    i have seen these dogs before too. they are a crack up! west texas bird dogs or something like that.

    im having a rainy lovely four day weekend my self. but i drink iced coffee myself…

  2. Oh, I am thankful, oh how I am.
    I haven’t written a gratitude Monday entry in a few weeks. I got the idea from Oprah. She has a grat Monday journal of her own, something she does at home. I’ve never seen it online though. I don’t think she keeps a blog, it would cut down on her mag sales. I’d love to have that mag oh I’d be one happy Afro-Chick. Anyway, last night I fell asleep listening to the rain. It was nice. I agree about MeMe, she’s pretty cool.


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