50 Things About Me

  1. I’m addicted to sunflower seeds.
  2. My sons often call me Mumsie.
  3. My favorite flower is a red rose.
  4. In grade school I composed smutty poems and passed them around to my friends.
  5. In jr. high school, I earned the nickname of Numb-Butt. This came about because when the coolest kid in the class boobie-trapped my chair with a bunch of thumbtacks, I couldn’t feel them. (In my own defense, I just happened to be wearing a brand new skirt my mom had made me out of some thick, quilty like material!)
  6. My first boyfriend’s brother was a midget.
  7. When I was 13 I wore my hair like Twiggy.
  8. I got drunk off of moonshine when my first hubby’s niece and I got into his mother’s homemade brew.
  9. I have a dog phobia.
  10. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I try to trick myself by faking snores. (This has been known to work.)
  11. My granddaughter sometimes calls me Nana Courday. No one knows why.
  12. I hate musicals.
  13. I became a mother at the age of 17.
  14. I lived in Tennessee with my first hubby, on a mountain far from any real civilization. His mother chewed tobacco and played the banjo. There were hogs and pigs roaming around loose on their property. His father wouldn’t let anyone use electricity after sundown, or bathe more than once a week.
  15. My father was a fireman.
  16. The first time I became aware of God (age 5 or so), I thought he was just like my dad.
  17. I long for a tattoo.
  18. I hate swimming.
  19. In public places (like restaurants) I have to sit facing the room.
  20. An ex nearly strangled me to death.
  21. I am not above hinting telling my kids what I want for my birthday.
  22. I can’t drive a stick shift. (I actually learned how to drive with a stick shift, but my stepdad’s the one who taught me. I think there’s some kind of a connection there!)
  23. Sometimes I have nightmares about not being able to remember my locker combination in school.
  24. Authority figures scare me.
  25. I like grasshoppers.
  26. In grade school I had 2 male teachers. One was a kind, quiet man. The other was a rageaholic.
  27. My grandmother hated me.
  28. I can guess what a radio DJ is going to say a nano-second before he says it.
  29. I’ve already “seen” new episodes of shows like Dateline, and it drives me up the wall.
  30. I love Frasier, and the earlier seasons of Roseanne.
  31. Sometimes I borrow my granddaughters toys–or she borrows mine.
  32. I’ve been married, and divorced, 4 times.
  33. I haven’t been in a romantic relationship for over 7 years.
  34. The Beatles remain my #1 favorite group.
  35. I wish I’d grown up in 19th century England.
  36. The first bike my dad bought me was a blue Schwinn.
  37. I rarely cry.
  38. Babies and toddlers make me feel good inside. (And I want to bite them but never do.)
  39. I want to write a novel, but can’t seem to give myself permission to do so.
  40. When I was 5, my dad did a portrait of his bosses’ daughter, a little girl my age with dark hair and eyes. I was so jealous I wanted to snatch the canvass from the easel and stomp on it.
  41. I pretend like I don’t have Chronic Fatigue so that I can do the things I want to do.
  42. Laughing hysterically is often the closest I get to crying.
  43. I dream every night.
  44. My brother doesn’t know I have DID, but he’s called me Sybil on occasion (usually when I’m laughing inappropriately and/or hysterically.)
  45. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  46. I laugh at funerals.
  47. 4th of July is my least favorite holiday.
  48. I prefer having just one or two close friends at a time.
  49. Scary movies don’t scare me.
  50. My bedroom is pink.

(Ta-da! There you have it: 50 things about me you never knew, and most likely never cared to know.)

4 thoughts on “50 Things About Me

  1. our favorite colour is pink. look at the dress of little knock kneed Aussie, it’s pink. we love that colour but never, ever wear it.

    you want to bite babies? i’m not sure what that means, nibble on their little chubby arm with that love nibble thing or bite as in chomp and hurt? not sure what you mean there. we use to mean both.

    we hate water like you fear dogs. imagine that, they call me little duck yet this little duck has a water phobia. what do you call a duck with a water phobia? a chicken.


  2. Hi BD

    we can agree on three of those, authority figures scare the hell out of us, especially the littles, our grandmother hated us and was a major perp of ours and we love the Beatles, still our favorite group also!!!

    thanks for the list, gives us a glimpse inside the real you!!!

    take care and have a wonderful evening

    gentle hugs to you


  3. Hi Beautiful Dreamer!

    I had to smile at your list, there are quite a few there that I can relate to. Just a couple, my soon to be ex strangled me years ago (something I can never forget), I still have that forgetting the locker combination dream and wake up in a panic! My close friends (and I) want me to write a novel and get back to my art work, but like you I can’t seem to give myself permission to do so… and I too prefer to have only a few close friends. Thanks for putting this up, it’s so neat to learn things about other folks, especially when it shows us just how much we’re like one another. Hugs, Cathleen

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