Things that pleased me this week:

A friend’s invitation to dinner (filet mignon!) and an evening of Scrabble . . . getting the phone bill paid on time so I can still have internet access (and continue blogging) . . . using our fireplace for the first time this season . . . a funny e-card from Austin . . . making a “quiet” book for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday (see following photos.)





(Once again my camera is messin’ with me big time. I couldn’t get the “A” or the “E” photos to upload, even after spending an hour dinking around with it. This softie book is the easiest and most fun thing I’ve ever made in my life. All my littles want one!)









2 thoughts on “Things that pleased me this week:

  1. Wow, well… how was the dinner??? Sounds really good to me.
    That softie book looks cool… see how many o’s we got together and they make sense too….. groovy!!!

  2. Considering that the dinner was cooked by someone who hates to cook, and claims she can’t, it was de-lish! Filet Mignon, corn on the cob, salad, and au-gratin potatoes. Oh yum, I could have easily eaten seconds of everything.

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