Things that pleased me this week:

Holding my new granddaughter for the first time (and being there for her birth) . . . admiring the fiery red leaves of our front yard tree . . . laughing with my son when he complained that his son is just like he was at that age, refusing to do housework (my son ended up doing it anyway, but it was a battle of wills every time) . . . watching old Frasier reruns . . . laughing hysterically with my cousin in the car on the way home from a movie . . . receiving comments on my blog to let me know that something I’d written helped another multiple better understand themselves . . . my granddaughter saying to me, “Nana, you’re special to me.”

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One thought on “Things that pleased me this week:

  1. Your granddaughter sounds so sweet. She seems to love you like JAGA’s nephew love her. I’ll tell you like I tell her, kids know who is safe and who is not. They know who is a good person. so trust your granddaughters judgment.

    kids make light shine brighter

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