Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Jenny Right Over…

Not too long ago I wrote that Funnygal, my resident comedienne, is AWOL. Tonight it suddenly hit me that another part is MIA: Jenny, my 7 year old. These 2 parts are the ones I’m closest to. No wonder this has been a drab month for me!

So much has been happening on the home front (a new grand-baby, a daughter in-law with a staff infection, etc.) that I assumed my melancholia was due to dealing with the unexpected. Then I chalked it up to the fact that I’m closing in on another birthday. But birthdays don’t bum me out. This thought came to me just minutes ago, huddled outside with a smoke. I’m not one of those women who freak out about her age!

As I cast about for some explanation, it hit me. Another part is in hiding, and I don’t know how to lure her out. I’m not good at this whole multiplicity thing, it stumps me left and right.

Oh Jenny, please come back: I need you!

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(Jenny, my bookworm. No wonder I can’t read anymore!)

3 thoughts on “Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Jenny Right Over…

  1. aside from books, do you know what else she enjoys or loves or that tends to bring her close to the front? perhaps a favorite book of hers–nestled close to a safe place in your home. sometimes playing music insiders enjoy, eating some of their yummy treats, taking a walk down a toy aisle at a store, looking up at the clouds or the stars, and numerous other things such as that. sitting or laying down quietly while knowing there shouldn’t be an interruption, and focusing on communicating to her within and telling her you miss her, love her, and ask if there is anything she needs right now.

    those are some ideas– some things we’ve heard, some things we’ve done, and some things we’ve learned along the way. hope it helps in some way.

    julies and others

  2. I can’t play music right now, it hurts my heart too much, and I don’t know why. It feels as if the least little thing (such as a kind word, or an unkind remark) could shatter me beyond repair. A few minutes ago I wondered idly just what I’d write if I were to leave a suicide note. But I’m not feeling suicidal! Just having that thought scared me big time.

  3. I can relate to what you are saying Beautiful. I don’t know much about it neither. However… I have discovered that when I am stressed from other things… like grandchildren… children… bills… etc… my inner friends withdraw from me… but this is when I need them the most… I think anyway. I noticed you mentioned that the missing friends are littles… which could explain it… little ones do not know how to deal with adult stressors… of course… just my opinion.
    I think Julie had some good suggestions.
    I am glad you threw those thoughts out of your mind.
    Congrads on being another Nana.

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