Henry & Beezus & Jenny, Oh My!

Lately I’ve dragged through my days disoriented, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I seem to be waiting for something, perhaps for some internal shift to take place. Everything seems at a distance, and I feel so disconnected from everything, and everyone.

I wrote recently about discovering 2 missing parts. Can’t blame them, really. I’m not so good at caring for my personalities. Well, earlier this evening I remembered I meant to make an effort to lure them from their hiding place(s). Since I haven’t been able to read, and Jenny is such an avid reader, I asked if reading together tonight would help. Her response was immediate and enthusiastic. She let me know that, while she needs to read kids’ books, she also wants to read other kinds as well. She especially is longing to read The Long Winter. The problem is, I can’t find my copy. So I promised that just as soon as I could afford it, I’d buy her one. I suggested we read Henry & Beezus by Beverly Cleary tonight, so that’s it. It’s settled. I’m about to get into my jammies and kick back with one of my favorite childhood authors. This book is even more special to me because it’s a hard-backed library discard. That means it has all the original illustrations by Louis Darling. I thought as a kid, and still do now, that it was the combination of the author’s wonderful way with words, and the well done–but not too cutesy–drawings, which make for such an enjoyable read.

But enough for now–I’ve a storytime  date with Jenny and mustn’t be late.


5 thoughts on “Henry & Beezus & Jenny, Oh My!

  1. i like reading children’s books. with dyslexia, its hard for me to read fast, although sometimes i get into a groove and sail along. one of my favorites is ‘the giving tree’ by a man named shel silverstein.

  2. I have Little House In the Ozarks. I found it in the trash awhile ago. It’s in great condition. Truth is, I keep it only for decoration. The book is pretty…I know, its terrible. Do you have that one?

    Aussie, off of her vacation and happy to know Jenny is around. Your other MIA will probably be behind her very shortly.

  3. we agree with The Giving Tree but our littles all time favorite is The Velveteen Rabbit. when John reads it tou littles he changes it so the little boy is a little girl as is the velveteen rabbit. Littles love it!

    enjoy your story, all of you!!

    peace and blessings


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