Motley Crew



See this motley crew? They’ve been keeping me so busy I can’t think straight. In the past 2 days I made 2 kitties, 1 dawg, 1 pig, and half of a chicky. The reason for this sudden spurt of softies is a YMCA bazaarmy daughter in-law just heard about. She wants us to share a booth; she’ll peddle her jewelry while I try to fob off my critters to whoever will have them. The catch is that we have only 6 days until the bizarre. Six days!

On top of this, I just learned my other daughter in-law is returning to work a month early, so I may be watching my granddaughter full-time beginning this week. I’m not sure how that’s going to work, trying to keep an eye on her and sew my softies. Hope I don’t try embroidering her arm or anything. You may laugh, but I was so beat the other day that I kept imagining there was something wrong with my thimble. There really was something wrong with it, as it turns out, because I was using the thimble from an old Monopoly game I’d bought at a garage sale. How it got into my sewing basket I don’t know or care. Most of you know what it’s like having things turn up in odd places. So let’s not even go there. Let’s just say that I’m colorful and my, wasn’t that just like me to try sewing with a Monopoly thimble!

5 thoughts on “Motley Crew

  1. Your softies are so cute!! I hope that you get to sale them all.

    I cross stitch, and when I am working on a project, I always have this same dream the whole time. It isn’t scary, but it is one of those dreams that is frusterating and it just keeps coming……….anyway!

    A monopoly thimble!! I’m glad that you got that straightened out.

  2. I see you love pink as much as we do. We didn’t send you the pink picture our little one did of you cause we weren’t so certain you’d find it all that cute. Seeing as how you like pink it might not have been such a bad idea.

    the monopoly thimble puts you in the category with the rest of us multiples that find things in odd places. and like you, we simply stop asking questions and just accept what we’re seeing as part of our multiple reality. 🙂 But please, don’t sew on the baby.

    Is that a bunny in the background? too cute.
    Now, I have to brag to the world that I am the proud owner of a kitty softie made by Beauty. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah I have a kitty softie! Okay well, time for me to grow up.

    sending smiles to you and yours (even the softies)


  3. i like your softies! i cant sew. never have gotten on well with sewing machines. my mom sews, knits, and makes afghans. i draw, or used to. and make candy wreathes. id get that white mousie if i could… 😀

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