A Few Words Before I Hit the Hay

I’ve just finished cleaning off my bed from today’s softie making. Yes, I work on my bed, except for what needs to be machine sewn. Which leads to great mess and confusion, but I can’t seem to work in any other fashion. Today I made 2 softies, 3 catnip toys, a couple pairs of fingerless gloves and . . . oh I don’t remember everything. I’ve been pulled in too many directions all day long, with all my insiders wanting to help. (Isn’t there an old saying about too many cooks spoiling the stew?)

Tomorrow I’m, unexpectedly, babysitting my new granddaughter for half a day. Awhile ago my 11 year old granddaughter called to ask if I could help her make a book for a homework assignment. She’ll be spending the night Friday, going with me to Saturday’s bizarre, then back here to finish working on her book. Whew! Can’t remember the last time I’ve been so busy. I’m drained, and coming down with the cold that’s been going around. But I’m also feeling a building excitement. I’ve never really promoted my softies before. I’ve sold some, but never from self-promotion. It’ll be fun to see how many sell (let’s hope at least a few do!), and to see what others are selling. This old body is just going to have to hold out through the weekend. I’m up to 11 softies now and plan on making at least 1 or 2 more before Saturday. Ooh, I can’t wait for the bizarre!

(My apologies to those who couldn’t care less about softies. This is what’s happening in my world right now.)


(How could I say no to her spending the night? We hardly ever get to spend one on one time together.)


3 thoughts on “A Few Words Before I Hit the Hay

  1. i think your softies are very awesome! i love to see people make and sell things. im going to make and sell my candy wreathes again this year, as i think i have a better source to get my candy from. less expensive, more variety = better less expensive wreathes. those knid sell better. 😀
    i still think a mousie with big ears would be cute…

  2. we are hoping your softies are a great success, sold out before the bazarre is over!!!!!! hey, maybe people like reading about softies and the word is out…who knows?!

    peace and blessings


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