Newest Additions

I just spent 7 hours with a cranky, gassy baby who wanted to be held every second. I’d awakened at the horrible hour of 4 a.m. and, afraid I’d oversleep, stayed awake until she arrived at 6:15. No softies got made today, but here’s the latest 3 from yesterday:


The softie mania is soon to come to an end. I won’t be spending every minute of every day making them, and then I’ll have something else to blog about. I’ve started Part 2 of Losing My Religion but haven’t had time to finish it. By the way, I’ve been getting quite a bit more visitors to my blog the past few days, and I’m not sure what that’s about. Especially considering that I’ve had tunnel vision!


2 thoughts on “Newest Additions

  1. they are so cute! you have a real talent here. they look like store quality to me. and im critical.
    i bet youre getting more hits because of the word religion on your title. maybe. people are searching, even some that wont readily admit it.

  2. trying to calm a gassy baby is a definite no win event. unless something relieves the gas of course! maybe they need to create a beeno for babies…could be a good marketing thing, oh well…

    peace and happy days

    keepers and john

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