How I Keep on Track


This is the front of the fleece blankie I’m making for my new grand-baby, Madison. Having a project to work on in the privacy of my room helps keep me grounded, somewhat. (Sorry for the blurred photo.) I’d like to hear what other multiples do to help stay in touch with reality. Of course we all have times when just getting out of bed in the morning is accomplishment enough. I find it helps to have something creative like this for all of my parts to work on. This was a fun blanket to make, even if the zebra on the bottom row looks a bit odd!

0 thoughts on “How I Keep on Track

  1. That is such a cute blanket. My three year old would be attached to it in no time, carrying it everywhere. I’m sure Madison will have it a long time, and enjoy it.

    In response to your post, I just added my hobbie to my blog, something I enjoy almost obsessively. Thanks for the idea, I had no idea wht to write and I made a commitment to write a blog everday this month. Your question helped get me started.

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