I’d Get Over It

If I could get over this I’d jump as high as a mountain, up and over
If I could write it out of me, write a few lines and whisk away the pain
I’d smear ink, I’d chicken scratch years of scorn and mocked name calling
And I’d get over it.

If I could stand up and walk away
If I could just walk away I’d do so in a heart beat.
But right now my heart beats to one slow tune
The sound of your voice telling me how much my pain burdens you.
(Milwaukee, age 12, inside Morton’s Pride)


This moving poem, which Austin so graciously gave me permission to post, expresses so poignantly the frustration, pain and loneliness that all of us child abuse survivors experience at being told by those we know to just get over it.



One thought on “I’d Get Over It

  1. I often wonder if they say it because they were abused and no one cared about them either, or if they are just so cold hearted that they don’t care or if they are such insensitive clods that they don’t care about anything negative unless it impacts them somehow.
    We have too many of these people in our family, in our rapidly shrinking circle of “friends”, as terrible as this sounds, some
    of them have died off, others we have nothing to do with anymore because of their attitudes. To protect oneself one must give up some “friends” and some family.

    peace and hugs

    john and keepers

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