My Backyard Fort

I’m adding a new category to my blog, My Backyard Fort*. This is where I plan to stash excerpts from the journals I’ve kept over the years, misc. ramblings, etc. Whether or not they’ll be of interest to anyone else I don’t know. They need to be kept in one place for when I need easy access to them. It helps to occasionally peruse them and see how I’ve grown and healed over the years. Sometimes it doesn’t seem I’ve made any progress in either area, until I take a little stroll down memory lane in the form of reading my old writings.

The name of this category is a tribute of sorts to the backyard fort of my childhood where I spent so many hours of contentment scribbling my heart out in lined pencil tablets.

I don’t know if the entries I post here will be in chronological order; just the thought of trying to sort through them for that purpose wearies me (some writings aren’t in actual journals, but on scraps of paper, which makes such an undertaking all the more daunting.)


(*You’ll find this listed under Pages in my sidebar.)

3 thoughts on “My Backyard Fort

  1. Good Idea. I started putting my old ones up a few weeks ago. I just added them and made the date to reflect when it was actually written. It IS very nice to have them all in one place, though it will take a while yet to get them all here.

  2. Scan the whole sheet of paper and save it as a jpg image then post it as a picture. You could use a site like to host the images. This way you don’t have to type anything out that you don’t want to. You can add commentary to it. Just make sure you link to the entry like a picture so we can click it and read it in your handwriting. I look forward to reading more.


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