Without my missing alter, Funnygal, my life seems flat and as barren as my leafless front yard tree. I miss her humor and her ability to see the comedy in life’s daily little absurdities. In the words of an old Stones song, “I see a red door and I want to paint it black.”

I wonder if she and Jenny, my other a.w.o.l. part, are hiding out together. Are they taking a break from the daily stress of being my most functioning parts? Are they, as Keepers suggested, in hospital, suffering from being worn to a frazzle trying to keep our system running smoothly?

Could they, my resident writers, be silently rebelling the fact that I keep putting off the writing of the book which has been on my heart for so long?

Their faces won’t turn up on milk cartons with the caption, “Have you seen this child?” No breaking news report interrupting Oprah to share their missing status with the country. No hot-line to call, no flyers to hand out offering a reward for any info on their disappearance. No, this is an inside job from the get-go. I can’t even pay a ransom for their swift return, for their disappearance is voluntary. This is no kidnapping, it’s 2 unhappy kids running away. And to my great shame I admit I don’t even know exactly when they disappeared.


(My 2 missing “angels.”)

5 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. they are loved and I can tell you one thing, they know it. they may be tired and worn but I know for sure they are aware that you love them.

    Austin, wishing for their little voices to say your name again.

  2. you can try going on a search for them, internally. Call out their names within, ask them to come to your voice, from wherever they are, that you miss them and want to see them again, keep repeating this over and over. Tell them they are missed, they are needed and repeat about come to your voice.

    This works for keepers very often when someone is missing.



  3. Whoops! I posted my comment for this under Newsflash! Sorry about that. I suggested asking yourself what would make it fun for them to come back? What would let them feel safe? What would let you all laugh together.

  4. I have had that happen with my “computer geek” alter and it was BAD timing. I look back now and understand, some, why it happened. I’m still confused at times about ‘why’ my parts hide or creep away when I feel I need them most. It takes time to understand.

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