A Time to Dance

There is a time to dance as surely as there is a time to die. It is not a dial of cloud on which the hands move; it is now and again bright like the very sun. Every man dances—-must dance; every man cries in bitterness of soul—-must cry, for his sorrow is very great. Is it right to dance? You may as well ask, Is it right to breathe? It is not a question of right or wrong, it is a question of necessity. Whether you will turn dancing into an art or not, please yourself, but you must dance when joy blows her trumpet and sunshine warms the blood. There is a time to cast away stone,—-to uproot, abolish, tear down, and destroy; and there is a time to construct, to build, and to make strong. The great thing is to know the time, and to say the right word at the right moment. There is a time to dance, but he who would dance in the house of mourning is a foolish man and one not to be endured. There is a time to mourn, but he who would mourn at a wedding would be as one that shut out the sun and shortened the road to the grave. We are not to mix the seasons. We are not to pluck sour fruit for our eating. If possible, we are to meet the conditions that are around us. “Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.” If we are not in wedding mood, then turn aside from the wedding banquet, lest a cloud fall on the bride’s gladness; if we are lifted up with great joy, then escape from the path of the mourner, lest we grieve him with unseasonable mirth. “To every thing there is a season,” and he is the wise man who puts away his sickle in seed-time, nor makes the wedding-bells clash when the heart is made poor by death.” (Joseph Parker)


(I came across this old quotation and just had to share it with my readers. So much of what goes on my blog deals with heavy issues, and why not, considering that it is written from the point of view of a multiple? And yet one can’t be forever cast down and probing old wounds. For now—-for this moment in time—-my soul chooses to dance!)


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