Spit Happens

I’ve had several people e-mail me to see how I’m doing, so I might as well just do a short post.

I’ve been watching my 2 mo. old granddaughter, and my 4 yr. old granddaughter since yesterday morning while both sets of parents are in Vegas. They won’t be getting back until midnght tomorrow night. So . . . how I’m doing is I’m realizing that this old body is too old to be getting up with a crab-apple baby throughout the night! And why, I’m just asking, but why does she wait until I put on clean clothes before spitting up on me?

I think I had 4 hours of sleep last night, which accounts for the 4 cups of coffee I’ve guzzled today. Not that it’s helping any. And she’s just as crabby today as yesterday. But she’s so cute, how can I be mad at her?

My son and wife just dropped by to pick up my 4 yr. old granddaughter; she’ll be spending the night with them, so that will give me a break. It may not sound like it but I really am glad to be able to watch the kids. This Vegas trip is paid for by one of my sons’ work, so it was too good of an opportunity for them to pass up.

OK, I see my 5 minutes are up. Ms. Sour-Puss is at it again, poor thing. If only she wasn’t constipated (I know, too much information!)



3 thoughts on “Spit Happens

  1. sounds the problem is that spit isn’t happening!! no wonder shes grumpy which in turn makes grandma grumpy! what a vicious circle eh?

    good luck, thinking of you

    john and keepers

  2. Crab-apple…. sour-puss… OOOH those are such cute words that I would not have thought of. I have OTHER words to describe how spit happens… but they might not be legal at wordpress.com…. hehehehehehe Oh I know what you mean about the spit up factor. I am a newly Nana too… everyone who has picked up that child got dunked in his river of undigested milk. I feel you.
    Constipation might not be such a bad thing, maybe she will not go… until her parents get home, hey. Because…. you talk about spit…. hey… the other end is WORSE!!! But… of course you know that. I wish the best for you and your grandchild. This is just sooooo cute.

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