Dear Daughter, Dear Son

I have watched over you from the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

When you took your first baby step, lost your first tooth, and went off to your first day of school, I watched you with pride and joy.

You have been a dream in my heart forever. In my mind there never was a time when you didn’t exist; I planned you before planet earth was ever created. You are mine, though you don’t know me.

When you felt the flush of shame after being abused by one who should have loved and protected you, my Father-heart of love was broken right along with yours.

When you wandered city streets lonely, scared and hungry, I came to you in the form of a kindly older woman who offered you a warm blanket and a sandwich, speaking to you of  my eternal love. You thought she was a religious nut; she saw in you a lost son or daughter, shivering in the cold with an empty stomach, desperately needing an invitation to come home.

Because I knew that fear was like a shadow dogging your every footstep, I couldn’t shout my love for you, as I so longed to do. Instead, I whispered it gently in the perfect blue of a summer sky, and in a soft breeze caressing your face like the slightest kiss, so that you might sense my tender longing for you.

My love wooed your heart as you looked into the face of a newborn and marveled at the miracle of birth.

I spoke to you in the voices of friends who stood by you, no matter what. I came to you in a thousand different ways, disguising my love in the sweet scent of a rose, or in the unexpected kindness of a stranger.


I flashed my lightning across the night sky to show you the passion of my love, and roared my thunder in the heavens to cry out my yearning for you.

I’ve longed to hold you in my arms, but you wiggle free of my embrace, impatient to be off in search of a dream calling your name.

You think you must earn love—–measure up somehow. You hunt it down day after day, offering your self in return to anyone who will have you. You don’t know that you are already loved, forever.

When you lie awake at night hating your life, I’m there whispering my love into the silence of your aching heart.

Others have tried to force you to love them, but love is stronger than force. I’ve left a light burning so that you can find your way home—-the only true Light which lights the world, my Son, Jesus Christ, the Righteous.

I don’t care what you’ve done. I don’t care who you’ve been with, or how many times you’ve blown it: just so you come home. I have many other children, but there is only ONE of you!

Your true home is here with me—here in the pure joy of my Father-heart of love.
Yours forever,


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