This weekend I’ll be moving into one of my other son and daughter inlaw’s home. I watch their baby, Madison, and since they live quite a distance away, it just makes sense for me to move in with them.

I’ve mixed feelings about this move, as I do with every move. My parts like routine and structure, and anything which interferes with that is anxiety producing. I’ve lived with this particular little family unit for over 3 years, since my now 4 year old granddaughter was about 6 months old. I’ve enjoyed living with them and especially watching my granddaughter grow. Now I have the opportunity to watch another of my grandbabies blossom, and I’m excited about that.

As I ponder this whole subject of change, the music and lyric to Dylan’s The Times They Are A Changing keep going through my head. (I know, these are rather political lyrics, still it’s what popped into my brain.) Every few years or so, it seems my life goes through a major shift. I know that without change we wouldn’t grow; still I draw back from upsetting this predictable little life I’ve built for myself. Now, that word predictable bothers me a lot. Who wants to be predictable if it means stagnate or boring? I’ve gotten myself into a rut, and I know it’s not because of where I live or who I live with. Still it seems that a major change such as this move is what it takes to shake me out of that rut.

This time because the move is happening so fast, I won’t have much time for the resistant dragging of my feet. I’ll be too busy packing and arranging whatever needs to be arranged here so that I can leave without any loose ends to haunt me. I’m not unhappy about moving, simply wary. And that’s normal for us multiples. I know this move will not kill me (though I will dearly miss my granddaughter), for I’ve moved more times than I can count over the years and, well, I’m still here.

Should I seem to be missing in action after this weekend, it’s only due to the fact that I won’t have internet service immediately. I’m not sure how soon that will happen. You can bet I’ll be chomping at the bit, anxious to reconnect with my cyber friends! In the meantime I’ll be puttering around putting my new (and much bigger room) into the order to which my parts have grown accustomed.

Now I must go stare at my impossibly large library of books and shake my head and moan, wondering how on earth anyone could amass so many, and why, and laugh up my sleeve a bit at how much my sons will love carting them to my new upstairs room!


(PS The Christmas card from hell went out with the garbage today. Whoopee!)

One thought on “Changes

  1. I hope your move goes smoothly. I laughed about your books because we are moving in about two weeks too, and the book moving is the part I dread most.

    It sounds like your new room will be nice though. Bigger is good.

    I hope you get internet soon. Going without it lately as been like torture for me.

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