Things that pleased me this week:

Getting rid of that blasted singing Christmas card! (Here’s a side note on that: my ex, who gave us the card, called a couple of days ago. I told him what happened, and after he laughed for about 2 minutes and could talk again, told me that the stupid thing sat in a box in their attic for 10 years merrily playing Jingle Bells. How’s that for persistence?) . . . hearing my 2 month old granddaughter laugh for the first time . . . the prospect of moving into a bigger bedroom with my own bathroom . . . sharing Christmas here with my family . . . receiving an e-mail from Austin telling me how much she’ll miss me, and that I’m her #1 cyber buddy. Okay, she didn’t really say that last part, just want to see if she’s paying attention.


(Out with the old, in with the new.)

3 thoughts on “Things that pleased me this week:

  1. ya gotta watch her! she’s sneaky quick and devious!! but, keepers and I love her to death, as do we you!!! will miss reading your exploits but know there will be new chapters when you come back up.

    May it all go smoooooooooooooooth

    john and keepers

  2. I was like, what the h*ll, I didn’t say that. LOL. Or did I? Did I switch again? Did I say something I don’t remember saying? Too funny!

    Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid his last egg
    Laying in the garage in a ball of fire
    On his way to ash OH
    Jingle Bells, Batman went to …..

    Oh never mind!
    Get back here and soon. I’d like to tell you about the hair I found in my food. I’ll spare you the news on my latest BM. Your Dad did have a way with “humor”.


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