I’m Back . . . Sort Of

I’m here at the home I moved out of a week ago to pick up more of my things. I’m waiting for my son and daughter in-law to pick me up, and it just now occurred to me (after being here an hour, I’m ashamed to say) that I could check my e-mail on their computer.

Along with that I checked out my blog stats. Now here’s good news or bad news, depending on one’s perspective: apparently I don’t even have to blog every day, or even every week. My absence hasn’t much affected the number of hits on my blog. I can’t decide if that makes me feel rather beside the point, or indespensible!

Ok, so now I have to hurry before my ride comes. I’ve just time to say hi to everyone, and how much I miss you! Austin, if you’re reading this: I wrote you a letter with every intention of sending it, but had no postage stamp and no means of getting one. The thought was there though and I expect full credit for having it. I’m getting Comcast hooked up on Wednesday so, if all goes as expected, I’ll be back in the loop.

Sorry this is sloppy, and I’ve no time to check for typos. I’ll “see” you all on Wednesday,


2 thoughts on “I’m Back . . . Sort Of

  1. we are looking forward to your being back up! we went through that same feeling when our pc was down for virus removal, when we got it back and checked our stats our absence seemed to make no difference, it does make you glad in a way that people still go there but also like you said, kind of like am i needed?

    miss ya

    keepers and john

  2. when you get this, itll be wednesday probably. but still i wanted to say you are indespensible! i have missed your daily stuff, and getting emails from you. on the other hand, isnt it nice to know your blog keeps getting hits even if youre away? im thinking its good either way you look at it 🙂

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