A Necessary Precaution (please read first!)


A note to my readers:

I’ve decided to drop all trigger warnings, except for this page. If you have DID or are a sexual abuse survivor, any blog or site of this nature has the potential to trigger. It’s impossible to know what might set someone off, and so this general caution rather than individual warnings.

If there’s something I really want to post, but it’s more explicit than what is normally on this blog, I may deem it appropriate to warn my readers. Other than that, I’m going to leave it up to my readers to read responsibly. Please do not try to force yourself to continue reading anything which may cause chaos inside your system.

Beautiful Dreamer

8 thoughts on “A Necessary Precaution (please read first!)

  1. Hi – I came over via a comment that you left on a blog, another room. I got caught with reading your writings. You’re a very good writer. From what I know about DID (virtually nothing), you have maintained and handle your life well.
    Hope you don’t mind if I visit again and check in on you.

    warmest thoughts,
    Dana/Texas Mammie

  2. Hi,

    I’m conducting an online survey to explore the privacy attitudes and expectations of bloggers.

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    Many thanks,


  3. Hi Beautiful Dreamer,

    It’s late at night and I’ve found your blog when my mind should be finding its own peaceful dreams.
    Yet for all the harrowing possibilities your blog threatens, I’d agree with Effess above that your writing strikes a chord.
    Quietly, gently yet passionately, I wish you well.
    Back I shall come when time allows.

    Until, kindest regards,

    – Solo xx

  4. I had to smile at your above and oh-so-necessary post which should not be any surprise to anyone involved in child abuse healing, which by definition it seems anyone with MPD must be or do (or did do; hence the separation or “compartmentalization” of certain set states of emotion, thought, “being” entranced in a box in the past . . . :-/ A really hard way of explaining that, but I think you kinda get it, since I can tell you are a writer & all (and some of us inside concur: your skill set seems to be intact with regards to creation of creative literature. But then again, isn’t is also a sort of ‘requirement’ or inborn trait of the DID-MPD “creature” to BE creative? 😉

    Anyway: expect a decent comment (sighing: host here, M3, & my boys have been busy with my mind, LOL.)

    I was laughing because we’ve been on the “web” … well, officially went on in ’77, but didn’t hit the bricks until ’86. & it was on AOL & you wanna know the very first question we asked? (this was back in the days of AOL Mental Health Chatrooms. Yes! they were real! And existed! And AOL quit due to liability issues. Darn. :-/ We met some really good ol’ friends & were a troll hunter, LOL. Very good at that, too.)

    But anyway (I warned you! Long comment! 😉 – I laugh because it go SOOOO ridiculous. People started complaining about a font’s COLOR “triggering” them. So . . . no more red text, or magenta . . . then it was the WORDS, simple things. It got crazy. People were like into saying everything triggered them, so eventually it got weird & impossible over a few years. Then AOL closed it. Suicides & such. U know how that goes.

    Sorry about that. Old news. But that’s something WE finally set a rule on, made our minds up on. EVERYONE is responsible for their own emotions. And yeah, they might have reasons and some of them valid. However!- we’ve got this society WE’ve gotta live in, and for us??? LOL!!! There are triggers EVERYWHERE if we allow them. A lot of abuse went into the making of that; and so has the ‘hardening’, not allowing ourselves to react. So I kinda figure like you: anyone who has DID or some kinda “issue” should kinda automatically be aware – heck, KNOW: it could get kinda ugly. Bad things happen & people write about them, and that’s good. So God forbid don’t be loading me up with stuff about how my figure out “me” set you off. Got troubles enough of my own, LOL, and it’s each person’s (mulitiples or not) to handle themselves, their own emotions, and take them out and *examine* them IF they are giving them trouble, etc., and learn to resolve that inside yourself, NOT expect the world and society and especially some individual to tailor their world, and words, to meet your tender & undisciplined and even perhaps uncontrollable needs. That’s on “you folks”, not us. Tho’ we do try to be polite & sociable, & remember our ‘audience’ (e.g. John Q. Public <- and see? that WORD there is a 'trigger' to me: "public" – yet I use it and do not complain, knowing the the parts of me that hate it and object are in error in their thinking and ways. But we are also working on that with "them" as well.

    Anyway: long comment (warned ya!) – but I guess that's what you get when you got several of multiples which want so much to 'say' something, LOL! 😉

    • Ah, you do get it! And never apologize for a long comment. Are you forgetting the ones I left on your site? Ha ha. As a writer, well I express myself best through the written word so I usually can’t help myself.

      Anyway, it was great seeing you here. And I wanted to let you know that I don’t post new stuff here, but sometimes I still post other site, which is here: http://bdreamer.squarespace.com

      Hope to see more of you in the future!

  5. LOL! Got so distracted forgot to mention: did you guess our very 1st internet question, EVER?

    It was: “Is it normal to want to kill yourself on a daily basis?” (In an AOL Mental Health Chatroom – the very FIRST place ‘we’ were driven to go during our signup with the internet on Day 1, discounting those military adventures in the 70’s).

    The resounding “NO!” that came back convince “him” (the Controller in Charge – yes, that was a “personality”, very strict & professional) that “we” all needed help.

    And we were not quite aware that ‘we’ were MPD at the time. We all thought thinking in plural (and talking in plural sometiimes) was completely normal; that *everyone* felt & thought like ‘we’ did. LOL! Crazy, eh?? 😀 But learned to love it & be good with it now. Despite the occasional hiccups. 😀

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